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NOV-DEC 2018

Solar Builder focuses on the installation/construction of solar PV systems. We cover the latest PV technology (modules, mounting, inverters, storage, BOS) and equip installers/contractors with tips and tools to make informed purchasing decisions.

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SOLARBUILDERMAG.COM | 33 B e s t M i s s i o n Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical School | Rochester, Mass. | 10 kW M o s t R e s o u r c e f u l Calif. Governor Brown's Microgrid | Williams, Calif. | 14 kW California Governor Jerry Brown has a nice proper- ty that sits off on its own, except it's five miles away from any utility power. A bunch of solar companies in the area were contacted to install a solution, but not a lot of companies do off-grid or battery-based projects. Eventually, after researching contractors on YouTube, Jason Andrade of West Coast Sustainables popped up, who has years of experience that proved valuable in this highly detailed off-grid / microgrid that now sup- plies autonomous power for the entire property. "We used components that could be easily expanded and incorporated the arrays to be functional shade struc- tures," Andrade said. The system consists of 24 kW of OutBack Radian inverters, 14-kW SolarWorld mod- ules, 34-kWh Simpliphi Lithium-Iron batteries and a Kohler 24-kW propane backup inverter. Developer: West Coast Sustainables Contractor: West Coast Sustainables Modules: SolarWorld Inverter: OutBack Storage: SimpliPhi Power Mounting: Mt Solar / Ironridge Developer: OMCO Solar / Cypress Creek Renewables Contractor: OMCO Solar / Cypress Creek Renewables / Massachusetts Workforce Skills Capital Grant Modules: Solar Frontier Inverters: Schneider Electric Mounting: OMCO Solar All solar projects attached to schools are great, but they are even better when added as part of the school's larger mission. OMCO Solar got together with Solar Frontier and Cypress Creek Renewables to create the Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School's new Solar Training Program, in partnership with the Massachusetts Workforce Skills Capital Grant. A renewed emphasis on vocational and technical schools is giving Massachusetts students the oppor- tunity to prepare themselves for higher pay- ing jobs in industries like solar, which is also a booming industry for the state. The oppor- tunity to have access to current solar mount- ing systems and modules, along with guid- ance for the instructors from the profession- als at OMCO, is vital for skills training.

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