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JAN 2018

Solar Builder focuses on the installation/construction of solar PV systems. We cover the latest PV technology (modules, mounting, inverters, storage, BOS) and equip installers/contractors with tips and tools to make informed purchasing decisions.

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6 JA N UA RY / F E B RUA RY 2 0 1 8 Editor's Note Tariffs or no tariffs, local installers should stay positive about the future Solar Builder (ISSN 2166-5362) is published bimonthly by Benjamin Media Inc., 10050 Brecksville Rd., Brecksville, OH 44141 USA. Copyright 2018. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission from the publisher. One year subscription rates: complimentary in the United States and Canada. Single copy rate: $10. Subscriptions and classified advertising should be addressed to the Brecksville office. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Solar Builder, 10050 Brecksville Road, Brecksville, OH 44141 USA CANADIAN SUBSCRIPTIONS : Canada Post Agreement Number 40830553. Send change of address information and blocks of undeliverable copies to: KML Logistics Group Inc., 118 Herald Ave., Oakville, ON L6K 1S2 Canada. TM PUBLISHER Robert D. Krzys EDITORIAL Associate Publisher Keith Gribbins Managing Editor Chris Crowell SALES+MARKETING Marketing Director Kelly Dadich Brand Sales Manager Hannah Schiffman Conferences Sales Coordinator Brittany Cline PRODUCTION+FULFILLMENT Production Manager Chris Slogar Graphic Artist Sarah Haughawout Web/Interactive Manager Mark Gorman Audience Development Coordinator Cayla Poteete REPRINTS Wright's Media (877) 652-5295 • Fax: (281) 419-5712 1 9 9 2 - 2 0 1 7 th 2 Chief Executive Officer Bernard P. Krzys President Robert D. Krzys Controller Marianne Saykes 10050 Brecksville Rd. Brecksville, OH 44141 USA (330) 467-7588 • Fax: (330) 468-2289 I was reserving this space until the last second for any breaking news regarding Trump's decision on the remedy to the Suniva/SolarWorld trade case, but it seems like that won't happen before the Jan. 26 deadline. That's fine though. That's why we invented the inter- net. Head to for the latest news and views from around the solar industry, and we will be back with comprehensive coverage on what you need to know in our March/April issue. Regardless of the tariff outcome, solar installers should be encouraged, dare I say excited, about the opportunities in the market going forward. I swear this isn't blind optimism; there is a confluence of trends I can point to. 1. The market is moving from third-party-owned leases to loans, which has shifted power from large national installers. We cover this in more detail on page 12. 2. There are a ton of tools and services leveling the playing field in terms customer acquisi- tion costs and customer service. There are more customers searching for solar, better networks to connect them to local installers and slicker software to ease the transaction and improve customer service throughout a system's lifetime. 3. The number of states growing their solar capacity is, well, growing. Emerging markets in the Southeast, like Florida, Mississippi, and South Carolina were all forecast to install more solar in 2017 than any year previously. Texas installed more solar in the third quarter of 2017 than the state installed in the entirety of 2015. The overall U.S. numbers can dip when the larger, saturated markets have a few down quarters, but in terms of sustaining the whole — the mass of small businesses across the country that can install solar profit- ably — the developing market rise is a better indicator to me. Those trends look irreversible as long-term propositions, no matter what effect the trade case has during the four-year remedy period. You can only stall progress for so long. For solar contractors and installers who share in my optimism (and even those skeptics out there), I really encourage you to attend The Solar Business Boot Camp. This is a two-day conference our parent company Benjamin Media Inc. is hosting in Philadelphia, April 24-25. It is now packed with workshops and educational sessions that address cutting soft costs, improving customer acquisition, nailing proposals and just operating efficiently and profit- ably. Head to to check out the full agenda and register. If you attend and don't like it, I give you permission to give me a purple nurple before you leave. Chris Crowell , Managing Editor

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